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About Us

Animus Productions is a composition and post production audio team based in the UK, founded and operated by graduates Joseph Barlow and Daniel Bradbury.

We have currently worked with companies such as Wales Interactive, PolyInteractive Games and LowResFilms LLC with music being featured on trailers posted through outlets such as GameSpot, Steam, PC Gamer and Nintendo Life.

With a decade of musical experience, and an extensive understanding of music technology from academic studies, we have experience working on a variety of games, films, animations and trailers;  composing, orchestrating, recording, mixing, mastering and sound design all being covered in-house.

Drawing (3)Music Composition

We compose original music for use in Games, Film, Animation, Trailers & TV. 
We range from small projects needing original loops or underbeds to massive projects needing multiple themes and styles, all with a focus on high quality and originality.

Drawing (2)Sound Design

We can record and create original sound effects, redub foley, clean up production dialogue and weave soundscapes in multiple styles and tones. 

Drawing (4)Mixing & Mastering

We are qualified audio technicians, and aim to be able to deliver the sound you want in the format you want it.
All audio will be completed to the highest of standards, helping your project stand out from the crowd and whether you need small compressed files to limit game resources, or full 5.1 surround mixes to make your film as immersive as possible, we structure our workflow around your needs.